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Video Game Day

Video Game Day

Playing games is one of our most popular leisure time activities in America and Video Game Day (always on July 8th) is the perfect excuse to kick back and enjoy your favorite titles. Know you’re in good company playing video games, according the Entertainment Software Association, more than 65-percent of US households play video games in some form or fashion – on a handheld devices, gaming consoles and personal computers. And it’s not just fun limited strictly to the kids – 75-percent of the players are over 18-years old!

Banish an otherwise boring day by dressing up as your favorite game character and celebrate the fun of gaming. One of the most popular video games of all time is Halo (an all the other sequels in the franchise) and the trademark character, Master Chief. Believe it or not, a video game costume of Master Chief can be bought right of the (cyber) store shelf and will instantly transform a couch potato into a weapon-wielding warrior.

Since 2004, World of Warcraft and its expansion packs have be the world’s most popular massive multi-person online role-playing game where participants get to assume an alter personality and live a virtual life in Azeroth. Make your avatar come to life by dressing up as your chosen self from this make-believe world that is filled with gryphons, dragons, elves, zombies, vampires and alien creatures. From prosthetic pointed ears to armored clothing, you can find everything you need to complete your World of Warcraft outfit from a costume shop.

A family-friendly game for 2010 is Super Mario Galaxy, proof that you just can’t go wrong with the newest version of this long-time favorite. Dress up in a Mario costume with blue overalls, a red cap, and a big thick mustache – don’t forget the white oversize, cartoon-style gloves. Have a friend dress up as Yoshi, Mario’s dinosaur buddy by making a costume out of an oversized green hooded sweat shirt and pants.

After July’s Video Day has come and gone, there are still plenty of opportunities to wear these fun costumes again. A comic book or gamer’s convention would be the perfect venue to show off your transformation from mere mortal to superhuman game character. Wear your video game costume once again on “National” Video Game Day which is September 12th of each year (a holiday so worthwhile, it gets 2 nods a year) and then recycle again as an awesome choice in Halloween costumes.