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Learning About Video Game Company Logos

A logo is a graphic representation that visually creates a brand identity and reflects the credibility of a company. It is oftentimes considered as a significant marketing tool through which consumers are able to make an impression of the business. In the realm of video gaming, numerous companies have definitely put their marks on the minds of the people over the years through the help of their respective logos – each of which is distinctive from the other.

Let us name some of these video game company logos that have notably been catching the attention of consumers:


Originally designed by George Opperman, the Atari symbol appears elegant with the use of a stylized letter ‘A’ that was later labeled as the Atari ‘Fuji,’ resembling the shape of the Japanese mountain. It has been the accepted and used symbol of the corporation founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell. It was representing one of the first arcade games to be launched ever, Pong, signifying two opposing players battling across the Pong court in the middle. It has become an iconic symbol and a ceaseless signification of Atari’s mode of gaming. Also, the stylized ‘A’ is connoted by few as a race track. There are some who considered it as a picture of a rocket taking off or even believed as three converging roads. Some of the notable games that Atari has famously made include Pac-Man, Hangman, Backgammon, and others.


Another prominent Japanese video game developer and publisher is Capcom Co., Ltd. Founded on June 11, 1983, it created multi-million-selling series such as Street Fighter, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, and the popular Resident Evil. Its name was actually derived from the term “Capsule Computer,” bounded by two concepts: “a container packed to the brim with fun” and “a desire to create securely packaged entertainment to decrease the rapid expansion of pirated materials.” The bearing logo uses the Art Noveau style-inspired font Korinna Extra Bold, highlighted with the vibrant blue and yellow colors, and has been one of the most iconic logotypes in gaming.


Started as a jukebox rental and repair business, Konami Corporation was established in 1969, with its label combined using the names of the business leaders and founders. Konami, meaning ‘small waves,’ was the Japanese developer behind the popular series such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Silent Hill, Contra, Metal Gear, Super Cobra, and Castlevania. The famous symbol highlights two swooshing lines that are strongly depict progressive motion, strengthened by the fierce red schematic colors. It has gone through changes also from its old typography to its newest design introduced last 2003. The latest corporate brand expresses the company’s legacy on creativity and innovation throughout its existence. It was emphasized even more by the cardinal red color signifying its corporate attitude.


This is very familiar with almost everybody. Who will not remember one of the most renowned video games ‘Super Mario’? It is one of the highly popular games developed and published by Nintendo, a Japan-based multinational company founded on September 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamuschi. The initial video game company logo of Nintendo was in red color, which is still used by some franchisers. The gray version was adopted in 2006. It contains primarily of the more recognizable and bold typeface name of the company, enclosed by a capsule-like outline that made it very easy to remember. Though artless, Nintendo’s emblem basically signifies power, longevity, and prominence in the gaming industry. Sublogos are also introduced, including Nintendo 64, which seem to be more colorful and intended for the young ones. Despite the emergence of these renewed graphic mark versions, the original design was still used widely for the fact that it solely symbolizes the real stance of the business.


Established in 1940, Sega Corporation has also been one of the highly acclaimed developer and manufacturer of video and arcade games. Since 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has been the flagship mascot, competing with Mario, Nintendo’s mascot. The emblem stands to be simple yet artistic in its unique way as it is characterized by curvy and futuristic letters in blue color, drawn and outlined with white lines. Some of the series introduced by Sega were Street of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Force, and Jurassic Park.


Video and computer gaming in Europe has literally been enhanced through the emergence of a French game publisher and developer Ubisoft Entertainment. Founded in 1986 by the Guillemot brothers, it is now considered as one of the largest interactive entertainment publishers all throughout the globe. The first symbol adopted by the firm was inspired by a rainbow figure. Though effective, it was replaced with a more dynamic visual identity recently. It features a series of coiling loops that creates a creative aura and a sense of belongingness. Its blue color schemes produce a cool and tranquil environment for gamers. Generally, the new insignia intends to develop its consumer-focused business approach and is believed to be a mere representation of the company’s utmost beliefs.

The above companies are only few of the many that have already established an undisputable and recognizable identity in the world of arcade and gaming. Basically, there are factors that bind these video game company logos. It is the fact that all of them are all simple yet identifiable – two things that you must consider in creating an emblem for your own firm. Though simple, symbols must still be creative in such a way that it can grab the consumers’ attention in a snap. Most importantly, the design must at all times represent you and the values of your business.