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How to Play Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Introduction to Super Mario 64

Most people cannot now do without the Super Mario 64 Walkthrough. Super Mario is one of the oldest classics in the gaming world and is still as strong today as it was in the 1980’s. The pretense of the game has stayed the same, Mario must rescue the princess and then is somehow transported into a different world and he has many battles to fight and challenges to contend with.

The huge change from the old platform style game of the 80’s is that Super Mario 64 is in 3D. This is a huge improvement in respect of the graphics and makes the game a lot more fun and interactive. There are also many more collectables to grab along the way too.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough for finding some collectables

• Power Star: There are 150 to collect which allow you to unlock a surprise
• Coins: You need to collect 50 coins to gain an extra life
• Star Switch: In order to get these you need to press the button to make a star appear in the box.
• 1-up mushrooms: The most common collectables in the game, they can be found easily
• Super Mushroom: These make you grow to a large size
• Silver Star: You need to collect all five in order to make the star appear in the box
• Blue coins: Normally give you some health back
• Yellow Block: Smash it to reveal a surprise
• Block: Smash these to reveal another collectable
• Power Flower: collect these for a unique move

As you have gone through the Super Mario 64 Walkthrough, you should be aware that there are other collectables however this list gives you the most common ones. A collectable can be hit, smashed or collected and some collectables such as the block will reveal another collectable so be sure to pick up, hit or smash as many as you can as there are always bonuses and benefits that come with these.

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough for Initial Quest

The princess has once again invited Mario to the castle for cake. His friends Luigi and Wario decide to go along, and another thing is that cake is just too good to resist even when Bowser is trying to cause trouble by trying to kidnap the princess. Upon arrival the three discover the princess is nowhere to be found. They search the castle high and low and are transpired into a different world through a large picture hanging on one of the castle walls. They then begin a journey to find the princess collecting power stars along the way.

As you make your journey remember there are power stars to unlock things along the way and win the game.